New Tesla Model S interior: with a regular steering wheel…

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This photo is officially from Tesla and was available on their site  (not anymore). Showing that at least for a while, they were considering a normal steering wheel option for the redesigned Model S interior.

Tesla got tons of press about the new interior. But mostly about the stupid new “steering wheel”. Which, I guess, is a way to get huge press coverage for free. Apparently, they have a normal wheel ready if things turn south (Like the “Yoke” wheel not being legal)

On another note, that new interior is really not that great. The picture above shows the Plaid version (with carbon fiber finish). Which means it is a $120 000 car, at least. No matter what, that interior doesn’t look like a $120 000 car.  I know the specs are amazing (if useless in the real world), but still…

This is a bit sad…

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  1. Yeah don't think that steering wheel was the real thing and it was just to create attention.

    I thought Model S interior was best among Tesla models since at least you had a driver cockpit. But this is now almost as cheap looking as the 3/Y and not at same level of the new Mustang Mach-E.

    Price wise this is similar to a Porsche Taycan which definitely has a more expensive looking interior.

  2. I prefer the regular wheel much more as my normal driving stance on a dry straight road is one hand on the top of the rim. With the yoke style wheel, it would eliminate that stance and force my hands into a more proper position.
    As far as the rest of the interior goes, I personally like the black, and the screen orientation also. I do not like wood trim in my vehicle. Especially one expected to go to 60mph in under 2 secs.

  3. As long as it has a conventional steering wheel, I love the minimal design. The absence of massive air vents and gummybear colored disco lighting is quite a relief from what you get from the Germans these days.

  4. You can now watch movies as your autopilot drives you off the road. You wont even see your death coming! Nice Feature!

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