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The new NIO electric sedan doesn’t bring anything new to the table. At least visually. The sleek shape, the center screen, the glass roof. All stuff we have seen, mostly from Tesla, before. many times.
Still, the whole thing does look really nice. I also like the tall side windows. Almost reminiscent of 1990’s Japanese cars. (Windows seem to get smaller and smaller these days)
The interior also seems a very peaceful and relaxing place to be.
What I don’t like is that “fastback but no hatchback” design. Which is always ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense…
The new sedan will be price to compete against the Tesla Model S in China (of course…)
But the top of the line version is said to adopt the all-new 150kWh with a 620 miles range. Available in 2 years.
For now, 310 and 435 miles versions will be available first.
It seems everyone is going after Tesla these days. Who just made available a 244 miles range version of the Model Y to better compete with the VW ID4 and upcoming Nissan Ariya. So Tesla knows there will be tough days ahead as everyone is coming up with electric cars.
The old Model S and X are particularly vulnerable… 


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  1. As a designer, I think this looks fantastic. If this is production, it is more resolved in form and detail than the Teslas. It would be nice to think it could be more original, but this could be a nice, timeless design.

  2. The key for this model is the large 150kWh solid state battery. Design wise it has an ugly interior and looks like a 2021 Toyota Mirai.

  3. Looks great, love how they integrated the LiDAR and cameras onto the roof. Impressed their self-driving hardware handily beats Tesla's. Bet its panel gaps are better too.

  4. As an owner of a three year old Model X, I can underscore the fact that it is vulnerable to anyone that comes along and offers something new and fresh. My lease is almost up and I have nothing new to replace it. Even though the X is by far superior to all the other EV crossovers, If I get another one now I'll be driving a model that has the interior of a nine year old car and the body of a six year old car. All of the software updates are primarily geared toward the 3 and the Y, and the S and X have grown quite old. And I really want something that's cutting edge for the car I'm going to drive every day for another three years.

  5. Agree this would better compete with Tesla Model S as a hatchback. Styling is ok but nothing special. Like the steering wheel and range but pricing seems a bit high. Hopefully they will announce a more affordable EV sedan.

  6. You missed the critical fact that it will have solid state batteries that provide 620miles of range in the top trim

  7. Simple and nice. I really like it but in some details remember me the new Toyota Mirai and latest Tesla

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