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Renault is finally doing a new version of the old, super popular, Renault 5. The legendary small car that came out back in 1972.
The current generation Twingo was already inspired by the original R5 back in 2014. But this is the first time Renault is actually calling a new car the “Renault 5”.
As far as the design goes, I have to say I am a little disappointed. The original car was a masterpiece of simplicity. This new one has a lot of unnecessary plastic bits everywhere. Fender flares etc.
It is just trying too hard to look aggressive. Which is actually the opposite of the original car.
I think Mini and Beetle were much more successful at bringing a classic design back to life. And the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq5 already seems to be a designer’s dream with its retro 80’s/Giugiaro look.
Of course, the new 5 will be an EV. No specs yet. But it will of course compete with the new Fiat 500 Electric and Honda e in Europe. Both models are also inspired by their long-gone predecessors…

These are pictures of the original Renault 5 from 1972. A very simple, inexpensive car with a friendly personality. A 4 door version came out later.

And this is how the Renault 5 was known here in the US: the “Le Car”. US sales started in 1976 after Renault and AMC had become partners.

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  1. I agree that it is a bit messy and aggressive looking compared to the original. In some ways, it looks like they were aiming at the Renault 5 Turbo aesthetic. Those wheels are way too large, as is typical fashion these days, particularly being accentuated with black wheel cut out trim. Also the large RENAULT at each end is just plain gauche, and would be have to be drastically reduced or deleted for production designs that incorporate the license plate holder.
    I kinda like that offcenter detail on the rear hatch, but it is not picked up anywhere else in the aesthetic… (there could be a similar offcenter detail on the front, maybe?)

    Thank you, Vince, for including pics of the original with your coverage.

  2. My girlfriend had one of these back in the 80's. Local kids would tip it over on it's side regularly. Other than that it was a horribly unreliable car.

  3. lol…memories! My cousin Joe had a Renault5. Canvas roll up roof. I think he bought it for his fiancee. It was craptastic.
    – I'm surprised she still married him. 😉
    – He could of bought her a nice reliable , used honda civic or a Corolla gt-s, or remember the 1990-93 Mazda MX-3???
    – I will assume she saw the renault5 with canvas roof , figured a ''cute'' convertible and had to have it.

  4. Big pass unless it has the 2 different wheelbases on each side. It was NOT the same distance on both sides.

  5. Actually my second Renault. Also owned an R16 which was even stranger. What was I thinking? Sold the LeCar to a nice Cuban lady who bought it for her teenager. "Is this like a Honda?" "Exactly." Still plagued by Eighties guilt.

  6. Um I wasn't born yet when the original happened… so the nostalgia doesn't work… I really like it.

  7. one last comment on the old Renault5: Just yesterday i had a customer in my shop who's Tesla i was repairing his windshield. We got chatting about how he likes his Tesla.
    -Then i was asking him '' So what was your first car??''….his face went all smiley to serious as he told me how over 30 years ago he had a Renault 5 that ''almost killed me''.
    – ?….he said he was driving on the freeway one day in his renault and the engine just BLEW up . He had nearly lost control of his vehicle , but he swears the engine self destructed and engine pieces threw the hood open/was a very scary and serious moment.

  8. Referred here by today's Nissan Micra EV post… what happened to commenting on Burlapp's current posts?

  9. You now have to click on the article title on the main page to get to the specific article page where you can comment.
    The site is going through some changes and you now need to be on that specific page in order to comment. Which is similar to many other sites.
    Most car sites don't have comments on the main page.

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