2021 Honda UR-V: worse than ever…

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I guess this thing has different names all over the world. Or maybe they just renamed it UR-V to fit with HR-V and CR-v a bit more?
This “2021 UR-V” is basically the same car as the Honda Avencier I was talking a lot about a few years ago (I really thought they were going to bring it over here as the Passport, for some reason…) It came out in 2016. And from what I can see on this video, it is still the same car.
Not a new thing for 2021.
It looks like they changed the front end. Hoping, it seems, to design the ugliest car front end in history. And they almost succeeded. Or at least, came very close. (The 2021 Ridgeline is still a strong contender)
From this video, it seems you will basically achieve ultimate ecstasy by driving it around. Which could be really cool. (And quite useful throughout a tough working day)

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  1. Don't forget, the HR-V is known in several other countries as the FR-V. As if three other alphabet soup names aren't enough.

  2. No. The FRV is like a van shaped vehicle, similar to the Fit but slightly larger. It's not an HRV which is a small SUV, its an MPV.

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