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I have to admit, I mostly hate anything from DS. Not only the cars but also the very idea of it. Using that legendary name to create some new cheezy brand that has nothing to do with the original car.
And their designs have been the pinnacle of automotive vulgarity, over and over.
And yet, I really like the shape of this new DS4. The sporty proportions almost remind me of a concept car. And the exterior seems a little bit more restrained than their other models. 
That interior though… I do like the screen being integrated nicely into the dashboard design. But the amount of crappy detailing everywhere. Bits of every shape and size. Buzy pieces of trim all over the place (And yet, the small speakers on the A-pillars look really plain and cheap)
That interior would make me nauseous before the car even moves.
I guess DS’s main market is China. .Where that kind of stuff seems accepted, and even sought after I guess. I just cannot imagine these things being very popular in Europe…
Or are they???
Since PSA and FCA are now basically the same company. There has been rumors about DS being sold here. Or maybe new Chrysler models being based on DS models. 
What do you think? Would these (with simpler interiors) make good Chryslers?


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  1. I don't know, looks pretty modern to me. Kind of sketchy though when the interior shot shows glare on stuff I'd prefer to not have glare on it.

  2. I disagree Vince, DS has been producing some great designs and their interiors are original with excellent fit and finish. We cannot complain about car companies producing boring generic products (Yes, I mean you VW and Honda) but then also complain when companies take risks to bring something original to market. DS may not be for everyone, nor do they need to be, but at least they are not boring or unoriginal.

    I would love to drive one of these and hopefully they do end up in North America soon.

  3. Infiniti WISHES they could design and build a car with this much character, presence, sporty vibe, and class. A handsome and distinctive look from DS. I wonder what they're like to drive though?

  4. You guys are actually right. At least they are trying something different. And the proportions on this do look great. These should be turned into Chryslers pronto!

  5. I agree with most of what you said about DS as a brand. I´m driving the first gen DS3. It is the only design of the brand I like. Everything else is dull, uninspired and ill-proportioned. Then again, the brand at least tries o be different, and I appreciate that.

    This new DS4 is a refreshing break from their baroque design language. It also looks ten years more modern than the rest of their relatively new line-up. The detailing inside is busy, but beautiful and the design of the a pillar gives it an Italian touch. So, like you, I´m pleasantly surprised.

  6. There’s no need to turn this piece of French Origami into a Chrysler because there’s no need for Chrysler. Stellantis has too many brands and
    Chrysler is one of them.

  7. The exterior is great. Good proportions and dynamic shape. The interior, as pretty usual for modern French cars is a vulgar messy

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