2022 Genesis EV interior: compared to the Ioniq5…

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These spy shots really do not give much away so far. The Genesis model (top)seems to be a base version,
while the Ioniq 5 in the photo seems to be pretty loaded with leather seats, electric adjustments, etc…  
The seats look very similar in both cars (except for the headrest design)
Even the basic shape of the doors and door armrests look alike. 
I realize it is could be a tough job for Hyundai to make the more expensive Genesis model look and feel fancier than their Hyundai and Kia cousins.
Either way, we are getting at least 3 new electric cars models this year from Hyundai!


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  1. If Genesis will make electric versions of most of their current models with all the nice touches and luxuries, why build a spartan model?

  2. After all the work they've put into the new Genesis lineup, their first EV is going to be a quick and dirty rebadged Hyundai?!

    Note what appears to be camera side view mirrors in the lower pic.

  3. Most EV models need to be identifiable as an EV for the EV purists. Hyundai is covering their bases because facts are facts, many EV drivers are self righteous and NEED people to know that they're driving an EV (That is coming from an EV driver). Teslas are undeniably a Tesla, they've become a status symbol with a cult following. Some people are fine with having an EV variant of an existing model but for Hyundai to compete with Tesla, and they will, they need some of their EV offerings to have undeniable recognition as an EV which explains their separate branding for Hyundai EVs.

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