2022 Honda ZR-V: early photo…

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Honda has been making a small “fake SUV” based on the old Fit. Which was mostly a raised-up Fit with black plastic trim. This time it looks like Honda designed a separate model. Still smaller than the HR-V.

Kind of like the Hyundai Venue or the Nissan Kicks. Which use the same platforms as their small sedans.

A new design could also mean the tiny thing could show up in the US. Priced under the current HR-V. And since the next HR-V is a bit larger, there would be some room there. And since people buy “anything SUV” these days… So why not…

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  1. Hi Vince.

    Definitely a Honda. What it is and where it will sell may depend on where the photo was taken. There is WR-V (raised Fit/Jazz) as you mentioned, which is aimed squarely at the Indian market. Also, there is a BR-V made in Indonesia for the S.E. Asian market. The BR-V is based on a smaller/cheaper than Fit platform, which is used for the Honda Brio and Amaze, also sold in the same market. But I'm pretty sure you are spot on, as this makes perfect sense as a sub- HR-V model, to compete with the Kicks. Then again, the license plate is neither American nor Japanese nor Thai, but looks either Indian, Indonesian, or EU in origin.

  2. As long as it doesn't look like one of those MV-1 wheelchair taxi like the new HR-V does, then bring it over.

  3. Supposedly, this is actually the new CR-V. A bunch more pics of it just dropped and it is CR-V sized.

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