2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: a look inside…

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I don’t need to see more than this super short video, to know this will be an amazing looking interior.
I mean, just the design of everything. The simplicity. Even the seats. No leather! Or even vinyl/leatherette crap. Finally!
Not sure how much the Ioniq5 will cost, but this is so far well above anything from Tesla. 
Some people have already mentioned bout $45 000. But that was a while ago. And it would be a serious mistake. Since the new Bolt is now $32 000. Hyundai should price this gem at $35 000 to start and sell tons around the world.
I cannot wait to see more of this…

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  1. I've always preferred cloth seats. The problem was when leather became offered everywhere, suddenly you can't get anything with a too trim without it. And the cloth offerings turned from high quality to cheap and scratchy. Heated and ventilated options just solidified it. But cloth is still my preference.

  2. If they are planning to charge $30K plus, they should have ditched the Ioniq name.. people will likely always equate it with being a lower-priced Prius clone.

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