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I did post a picture of the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq interior before (HERE). But these seem to show a bit more.
Even though the screen behind the steering wheel is obviously not finished. Without any of the final trim.
That trim will probably be a piano black we already see on the console (bottom pic)
Although the automatic shifter could have been more original, the door panels seem really simple and quite attractive. And I do like the oval theme. 
This is setting up to be quite a designy car with tons of style. In a simpler way than what regular Hyundais have become. Like the new Elantra and Tucson, which seem overdone next to the new Ioniq.
I cannot wait to see more of this car…


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  1. I think that is protective film over all the piano black surrounding the IP and center screen. I've seen the film on other currently shipping HKG cars. Man, they need to get away from all this piano black. God forbid, if you sneeze in your car and don't cover.

  2. It will take only "18 minutes" to charge this (on the Korean fast charging network) but maybe that will be true in the US once we get our charging infrastructure up to Tesla's.

  3. The second photo is not correct, it will have a column shifter. Take a look at the silver stalk below the wiper stalk and you will see a P as in Park.

  4. Buttons! I am interested!

    I have a car with a full touch screen and detest it. I am glad someone at Hyundai gets it.

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