2022 Nissan Rogues Sport/Qashqai: new video teaser…

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This already looks like quite a stylish little thing. Going for the opposite of the rugged look so many embrace these days. It will have to do battle with an all-new Honda HR-V in a few months. 
But also current players like the Chevrolet Trailblazer Mazda CX-3 or CX-30 and others.
So far so good…

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  1. I sat in the new Rogue today for a second time. Nissan had done a great job particularly on the higher trim models. The interior is inviting and very comfortable inside featuring nice surfaces and great tech. Usually Nissan, Honda and Toyota do bridge manufacturing the first year which means some models come from Japan. IMO, make sure to buy/lease those versions.

    The small Rogue Sport will directly come from Japan, there's another option if you can't find a JP vin on the larger Rogue or think it's too expensive.

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