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I’ve never been a fan of the Toyota Land Cruiser. I am sure it’s great for those who actually use it off-road or something. But it has been looking really bad for so many years now…
Apparently, there is a new one on its way. Finally. These illustrations show a much cleaner design. That’s always good. Except now, it just seems really generic. It could be a big Mitsubishi or a Chinese car.
I think the Land Cruiser is one of these very few Toyotas that should have a retro design.  Just like the FJ-Cruiser. Which was basically visually based on the original Land Cruiser.
These always work. Look at the new Bronco!
Speaking of retro looking Toyotas… Where is that small retro truck/van/suv they were talking about a few years ago. I think they showed a couple of concepts at the New York show. Weren’t they supposed to produce one of these? Eventually?


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  1. "Look at the new Bronco!"

    NEW being the operative word.
    How may they sell Vince?
    How many in the wild?
    How many will they sell next year?

    Way too early to tell.

    Remember the PT Cruiser? New Beetle? New-new Beetle? Was there a New-new-new-Beetle?

    After all the cool kids get their new toys, what's the ongoing market going to be?

    The Bronco has been out for a bit. Never seen one on the road. The Ranger, I've seen maybe 30, 40 in the wild since they came out.

    FJ-Cruiser sales
    2006 56,225 US and 4,919 Canada. About the same for 2007
    2014 14,718 US and 618 Canada.

    Yeah the market was there for years and years. And you were probably complaining by 2009 that it wasn't "Modern" enough and the retro look was played out.

  2. Major improvement, on the account of the downsized grille alone. I hope this becomes a new trend with Toyota. It would greatly improve the overall aesthetic.

  3. I'm used to seeing these with large black "UN" letters on the side… nice cars but never quite figured out who would buy these as they start at $85K. If you're really into going offroad, wouldn't a Wrangler Rubicon be a better choice? And if you really want a large Toyota SUV, here is always the 3-row Sequoia which starts $35K cheaper!

  4. the tail lights look like someone ripped it off of a Jeep Grand Cherokee or one of it's many thought to be clones (wagoner illustrations)

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