2023 Ford Mustang: mule under wraps…

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Not much to say about this. (but I’ll say something anyway…)

The next generation is due sometime next year. Probably in about a year and a half. Based on a version of the RWD Explorer platform.

They have been talks about both hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. As well as AWD. As far as anything else, who knows. Although it would be really cool to finally see a plug-in hybrid convertible.

This will probably be the next generation Mustang with a V8. And possibly the last one with a gas engine anyway. Since Ford just announced they will go “all EV” in Europe by 2030. And the Mustang is now being sold there.

Ford sold around 72 000 of them in 2019. And still managed to sell over 61 000 of them last year. Which is still down quite a bit from its first full year, with over 122 000 sold in 2015. I bet an all-new design with hybrid options will make if even more popular. 

Good to see the good old legend alive and well…

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  1. ??? This is definitely NOT 2023 S650….

    Hot takes are more important than homework on the google machine.

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