Ford’s EV future: weirdo teaser…

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Okay… What does that even mean?
We already know they are planning to be “all EV” in Europe in less than 10 years.
But what is that car?
Some in the European press are already speculating, for some weird reason, about a 4 door electric version of the next Mustang. Why not. That could be really nice.
But I don’t think so…

I think the silhouette on the teaser/promo image shows the upcoming Evos. 
But wait! The Evos isn’t supposed to be electric…
Could it really be a 2023/24 Electric 4 door Mustang???                                                                       (One based on the next-generation Mustang. Not the Mach-E)


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  1. I really hope that if Ford ever produces a 4 dr Mustang, it would be way sleeker looking than that profile promises. Perhaps it is a Mustang Mach E fastback, as that seems to be the real trend in the market at the moment. However, the Mach E's rear roofline is already really raked, so who knows. The front end design truly looks Mustang, so maybe this is just another Mustang brand vehicle, as that has seemed to be very profitable for Ford these days.

  2. Vince, the vehicle will be built on VW's MEB EV chassis, but feature a unique Ford top hat and details. It will be built at Ford's Cologne plant. All this is out there for anyone to discover. Don't listen to stupid rumors.

  3. 62Lincoln, thank you for that info you provided here. I wish he would just exercise due diligence. After the S650 gaffe, he really needs to be more careful, as credibility matters.

    Often this blog provides stuff you won't get from mainstream sites (rare spy photos or early leaks), but takes way too much of a casual approach at times, that it leads to glaring inaccuracy.

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