New Toyota SUV: please no…

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 Apparently, this is supposed to be an illustration of an upcoming new Toyota SUV based on the RAV-4/Venza platform. Yes, another one…

This basically looks like the demons of Hell escaped and ended up working at the Toyota design center. While at the same time, looking a bit like the old Venza.

There might very well be another Toyota wagon/crossover/SUV thingy coming out. Who knows and why not.

Let’s all get down on our knees and pray to the Gods. Pray hard to make sure that monstrosity never comes to be.


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  1. It does look retro bad. Also what's with all that chrome. I welcome a more wagon like vehicle, but this needs work

  2. The old Venza is exactly what I saw similarity in when looking at this illustration, however it looks way worse than the old Venza.

  3. This is a rendering of the rumored Toyota Crown crossover (note the badge on the grille). It would slot above the Venza. Seems unlikely it would be sold worldwide.

  4. is there a marketing tie-in with any of the companies that make shavers/razor blades? That front end could be cross-marketed…

    We are all lamenting the move to "SUV-ish" cars.. it's just a return to how cars were in the 1930s-1940s. take a look at old pictures, most cars were 2 volumes (engine and passenger compartment) and rode high. Just like today's "cars/SUVs"..

    the stylying direction in the 60s was towards big, low and wide, as exemplified by many GM creations, especially pontiac. 70s/80s saw size reductions due to fuel economy worries and imports..

    and today we're back at the tall, 2 volume vehicles.

  5. What's sad is that this is exactly what I'd expect the next Honda CR-V to look like given their new, bland styling direction.

  6. ROFL One of your funniest posts ever, partly because it is true. The thing is just ugly, odd and unnecessary. Why not expend the engineering resources to expand RAV4 Prime production?

  7. In Taiwan, I believe Toyota owns the Taxi Cab market. That wouldn't look out of place there at all.

  8. If the price is right, many will take toyota quality with boxy design. the question is will toyota take this kind of risk, seeing their latest designs…i think not.

  9. At least it looks like it wasn't designed by a 9 year old girl. It appears the Japanese have decided to grow up a little in their design studios.

  10. All of these comments are so funny, as if some illustration on the web actually means this vehicle is real, will ever get made or it ever come to the US. Based on Toyotas recent designs, and the fact this illustration is clearly based on the old Venza, it's either bs or not intended for the US.

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