Should these DS models become Chryslers in the US?

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Even though the sedan market is still shrinking, I think the DS9 would actually work really well as a Chrysler. They do offer their “E-Tense” plug-in versionswith 225, 250 or even 360HP. With an EV range of 25-30 miles.

The DS 9 is just a couple of inches shorter than a Lexus ES. 

The DS9 is larger than the all-new DS4. But doesn’t look as interesting at all. Still, it would offer Chrysler another, larger Crossover. 

I think the DS3 is actually a bit too small (much smaller than a Mazda CX-3) and too weird for the US.
So I wouldn’t expect it as a Chrysler.
No matter what we think or hope, it would take the new Stellantis company quite a while to make such a decision and actually bring the cars over here.
The DS4 is new. The DS9 came out last year, so we could still get it over here in a couple of years.
But the DS7 would be too old by then. We could maybe get its next generation.
What do you think?

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  1. A thousand times YES!! Chrysler is starving for product and this gives DS a way into the US without having to create branding or a dealer network.

  2. The DS3 is a hot mess. The other 3, DS4, DS7, and DS9 should make it here somehow. I always thought the DS7 looked like any other SUV around but when I saw it in person on a trip to Europe I fell in love with it; it is striking in person.

  3. I have never bought a Chrysler or Dodge product, nothing appealing in their lineup, but if the top two of these DS sedans end up here I will strongly consider buying one.

  4. I hope so. Here’s what I would like:

    DS3- New Name

    DS4: Crossfire

    DS5: Concorde

    DS7: Aspen

    All new Pacifica maybe based on a Peugeot van platform

    A sports coupe shared with Maserati maybe.

  5. Yes, the DS9, DS7 and DS4 all as plug-in hybrids only. Then they make the Pacific a plug-in hybrid only. At least it would differentiate the entire brand…and offset the Jeep and Hellcat lineup…

    No to the DS3.

  6. Product or lack of product is not the problem.

    The Chrysler brand is dead in most consumers eyes.

  7. They'd be dated by the time they made it to market here. The next generation models should certainly come here as Chryslers though, but if getting the current models to market would be quicker then sure why not.

  8. I like the DS3 the best, it's the most unique of the offerings.. I've always liked Citroens because they always had unique design / solutions to problems. The DS3 interior is a perfect example. The DS4 (orange SUV) looks quite generic, it reminds me of a Mitsubishi product.. the interior is really nice. The DS9 sedan is generic as well, if you squint it looks like a Lexus…
    To differentiate them from everything else in the market a) keep as much of their unique style as possible (don't dumb down the tail lights like the germans do with their cars), b) make them all plug-in.. all the "Chrysler" DS cars should be plug-in electrics.
    The DS3 especially would go head-to-head with the MINI-e and other small plug-ins. It's a far more stylish alternative for the urban/suburban consumer

  9. No, no and no. You might as well be asking if these should be Studebakers or Oldsmobiles. Forget Chrysler, it’s gone.

  10. I would love some wacky French cars here in North America, so I say bring them. Then again, I have terrible taste in cars and fall in love with vehicles no one else buys, so maybe I'm not the best judge of these things.

  11. Those interiors are horrendous. Overdesigned and dated… every one of them. Though there are some sexy exterior lines.

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