These mystery Integra spy shots: explaining the impossible…

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There has been a lot of talk about these possible Acura Integra photos.
As I mentioned in my earlier post, they look very similar to the illustrations posted last year from this designer (I guess he’s a designer? Or a magician?) Jordan Rubinstein-Towler.
The thing is, the spy shots look exactly like spy shots of his design would look like. As if Honda was actually testing the exact same design. Even details like the exhaust and side mirrors are exactly the same as in the illustrations.
These illustrations look amazing. And freakishly realistic. They also look like they would be much more work to created than a couple of blurry spy shots.
And here it is my friends… I believe that’s what it is. These must be fake spy shots (Sent to me from Europe BTW…) created by the same illustrator. Or a huge fan of his. Or maybe Andy Kaufman.
I hope I’m wrong. A new Integra looking like this would be quite amazing.
There is no way these illustrations, that are not from Honda, would happen to look that similar to these new spy shots.
Unless, again… Time travel. Which is always something to consider. Always.

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  1. First time I've seen these spy shots.. are we sure this is even a Honda/Acura? Looks a whole lot like the last Celica.

  2. Or Jordan Rubinstein-Towler gets USB sticks left underneath park benches in a park by unknown people. That's one way to possibly push a product along where higher-ups aren't sure to proceed or not.

    "We have no idea how he's so accurate!!!!!"

  3. Imo, the proportions of the spy shots are much better than the illustrations. The greenhouse looks much smaller and the car overall doesn't seem as slab sided. Even if this is fake, Honda/Acura needs to note how much attention this is getting. I for one would love to see this come to fruition.

  4. Vince, your conclusion was one of my first thoughts – the spy shots are themselves fake. These are illustrations superimposed on a real background. The right rear tire patch on the bottom pic is poorly rendered and gives it away. IMO, the sides and rear of the illustrations look to be based on the 2002-2006 TSX/Euro Accord, which was a nice, clean design. Too bad – this would be great if real. One can still hope!

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