2021 Honda Ridgeline: test drive coming up…

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This week I am driving the revised 2021 Honda Ridgeline pick-up.

The Ridgeline has been revised to look more aggressive, and more “trucky” and rugged I guess. Especially with the new HPD package included in my test truck. Which is purely an appearance package on top of the base model.

As usual, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I have not driven the ranger or Tacoma. So I cannot compare it to these. I did drive the “old” Frontier, but that’s being replaced soon. And the Colorado and Canyon a while ago…

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  1. about 5 years ago, i went to a Honda sales dept to fetch a then new Honda Ridgeline and drive it back to my auto glass shop for a windshield replacement. I like Hondas and was looking forward to driving it back and forth to my workplace and back to the dealership once i was done with it.
    – But i tell you, i was underwhelmed. TOO carlike. I mean, very nice interior, well put together, the ride/braking, etc was all pleasant. But so damn dull to drive. Engine power was very nice, quick to accelerate, but it felt like driving a honda accord with a truck bed attached.
    – This particular Ridgeline i drove had the New sticker price and it was wayyyy too expensive: $52,000 as optioned with awd. ( i just googled the canadian msrp for 2018: 2018 Honda Ridgeline. Canadian MSRP. $37,290 – $49,290.).
    -This 2021 , from other sources i read online, has a more trucky appearance. Hopefully a more truckish feel too the drive too. Not a dumptruck ride, but people buy a pickup truck to use as a pickup and feel different from your everyday car/station wagon/minivan rides. Still, at least here in Canada, these Ridglines seem pricey for a minivan or honda suv based platform. Needs character and something special ( other then great reliability ) to maKe me want to buy this truck over say a new nissan frontier or chevy colorado, tacoma….

  2. Exactly how I feel about this one. Nothing really wrong but zero personality.
    And that crazy pricing….

  3. Why does the new Ridgeline Sport for Canada get a sunroof, sliding rear window, power heated seats, blind spot monitoring and a heated leather wrapped steering wheel? Honda is scamming their US customers again and the irony is, it is built in Alabama.

  4. hi Vince, except for a few vehicles, here in Canada we seem to pay quite a bit more for the same vehicle sold in the usa. Even when the vehicle is built in Canada at the factories in Ontario or Quebec.
    – sometimes we get special trims ( like Winter editions) or even a model not sold in the usa . Obviously with a population of about 38 Million people, our market share is very small compared to the USA.
    -Funny thing, anytime i whine about our canadian automobile prices, i just go check out Australian vehicle prices online……Holy F***k! ..and they too have their own vehicle factories.
    – You should do a section on your blog for comparison and amusement on vehicle prices for vehicles sold in the USA versus the international market. Some are mind blowing …i think Signapore is one ultra expensive placeto purchase a vehicle, from what i googled last week.

  5. I have to agree about the Canadian pricing.
    I went on the Canadian Honda site and figured out the base "Sport" Ridgeline starts at around $2000 less than in the US (When converted to US dollars)
    And, it does include tons of equipment the base model doesn't have in the US. Which is a shame.

    The one I am driving now is a base model with the HPD package. Which is strictly an appearance package.
    Otherwise, for about $40 000, this is a basic, very bare interior. Plastic wheel, manual seats, cheaper looking cloth than a base Fit.
    And infotainment graphics that look 20 years old…

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