2021 Tesla Model S: Yoke steering is real…

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Yes, it wasn’t a joke.
The stupid video game steering wheel will actually be available in the revised Tesa Model S.
I personally think it should be illegal. As it is obviously very dangerous to use in the real world.
Not sure where Elon Musk lives, but here on earth, many humans already have trouble keeping their hands on the wheels and eyes on the road. 
Cutting the steering wheel in half will not make things easier. Again, this should not be legal.
Maybe we should have a tiny 3-inch tall window in front of us too. Why have such giant windshields?
Why doors when it’s so much cooler to jump into a car through the window?
The stupid yoke wheel is some crazy schtick to get more press I guess. And look. I am talking about it!!! It’s not the first time either.
So that part of the craziness works.
Also, I still think the black trim makes the Model S look much cheaper. Especially with the plasticky wheel covers…
And that little screen behind the “steering wheel” looks like it’s fighting for attention against the main center screen. And losing. 
(Hey Musk, there’s nothing wrong with a head-up display you know… )
It just looks odd and out of place. 
The new interior manages to be simple and busy at the same time. A weird feast to achieve.

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  1. Yokes aside, I'm more dissappointed that the exterior of the car looks pretty much same as the 2016 refresh with a model 3 bumper and overall basically not vastly different from it's original debut 9-10 years ago. I agree with those wheels, disgusting for such an expensive vehicle, and crazy expensive to upgrade to the 21s. Don't quote me on this but I think Porsche wheel upgrades are cheaper, I think I could put a Turbo S wheel on a base vehicle for less money.

    For a $120000 CAD vehicle the lack of customizability really shows that Tesla still hasn't nailed the production of their cars yet. They are very cookie cutter, even their expensive colour options are designed so you don't pick a non-white vehicle with a non-black interior.

    All complaints aside, I am in the market for a used Model S/X, and it makes it great for people in the used market because a 2016+ still looks new to the untrained eye.

  2. Lock to lock turns of the yoke is going to be interesting. 1/4 turn this way and that way would be about the max or you will have to take your hand off the wheel instead of shuffling your hands on a round one.

    Gonna be some real twitchy steering.

    Unless it's progressive and the steering inputs are not linear with the amount of movement of the tires. Maybe something like Infinity has/had where the wheel is just an input device not really mechanically connected to the tires?

    Infiniti's Direct Adaptive Steering is a steer-by-wire system used on the Infiniti Q50, the world's first production vehicle to use steer-by-wire technology. Steer-by-wire means that normally the steering wheel has no physical connection to the steering rack, instead the steering is controlled by sensors that detect steering wheel movement and convert that into an electrical signal that is sent down a wire to the steering rack while at the same time an actuator generates feedback so that the steering wheel feels natural. When the signal hits the steering rack it turns the wheels the appropriate amount.

  3. I am not liking the black door handles. I disagree about the competing screens though. The Model S interior is way better than the Model 3 and Y. At least one screen belongs centered and in front of the driver.

  4. this post is categorized under 'Vince looking for *anything* to criticize. The interior is simple AND busy. I get it, Elon Musk already gets too much attention, and that is annoying. Doesn't mean everything Tesla does is terrible.

  5. I'm not sure about the yoke. I wouldn't be one of the first to buy a $100k car with a KITT steering yoke, but I don't hate it. I really like the addition of controls on the steering wheel (yoke) spokes and the lack of stalks. Stalks belong in the early 1900's.

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