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The all-new Acura MDX is quite an impressive vehicle in the flesh. 
It has a very clean, modern profile. And an overall classy and upscale look.
The design and proportions are a vast improvement over the previous generation.

The interior is all-new as well but seems very familiar. Since it feels like a cross between the MDX and TLX sedan. 
All materials are of high quality. And everything feels very solid. 
Although I still have an issue with the Mode Dial placement. As a driver, you do get used to it. But more than once, my passenger used it to change the volume. (Since it is exactly where the volume knob should be)
The wood trim that looked so amazing in the TLX, looks a bit too grey here. At least in the brown interior of my test car (It could be lighter with other interior colors)
 The 17 speaker sound system is amazing like it is in all current Acura models. And the seats are very comfortable. (Although 4-way adjustable headrests would have been welcome)
The info system is still not the most intuitive. But again, as an owner, you do get used to it pretty quickly. 
The screen can also be a bit slow to navigate through the menu pages.
I also had an issue with the wireless CarPlay that would never allow me to play music from another source. Even though there was a USB drive plugged in and the USB selection seemed available.
The second-row seat is very roomy. Usually the case in large crossovers of this size. Climate controls and heated seats are available. And multiple ports.

The 3rd-row access is fairly easy. And once back there, there is enough room and the seat is pretty comfortable. Keep in mind that I am an inch under 6 feet. A taller person might feel pretty tight. 

The cargo area is very roomy, even with the 3rd row up. And the “hidden ” area is actually pretty large as well. 

The first thing I noticed while driving the MDX was how amazingly smooth and quiet the 3.5 Liter V6 was. But also how light the steering feel was. Which is easily fixed by selecting sport on the steering settings. (And I guess that’s something many people associate with “luxury”)
The drive modes are actually not that different from one another. The steering is just a bit too light for me except in the sports mode. I couldn’t really tell big differences in the suspension. But the engine does come with a fake exhaust  “sport” mode. 
The “Individual” mode is actually the best since you can pick individual settings for each. (You can also disable the start-stop system)
The V6 has plenty of power all the time. There is really no need for more in this type of vehicle.
The 10-speed transmission works perfectly.
The ride is very smooth, but still had some trouble absorbing some of the large bumps from our horribly neglected roads in L.A.
One small thing I also noticed was how small the info was on the screen behind the wheel. Maybe I never noticed this before on other cars, but it became strangely hard to read (photo above).

The MDX is rated at 19/25 MPG. As usual with a large V6, I got about 17/18 MPG around town (Which is actually better than most)
But easily got over 28 on the freeway. 

The new MDX is a great choice for a 3-row luxury SUV. And it does have a truly upscale feel and demeanor.
It is also a huge step above the current Honda Pilot. And really worth the extra money.
At $62 000, my test car was pricey. (A few thousand more than the Avenir version of the great Buick Enclave.) And it will soon be getting strong competition from the upcoming Infiniti QX60.
The MDX starts at around $47 000. And already comes with a huge list of standard equipment.
Especially, the same wonderful 3.5 Liter V6. Since the “Drive Mode” selector (and other things) is not really a must-have,  either version would be a great choice…
For Acura fans who don’t need an SUV, the new TLX is fantastic. And of course, much cheaper. (It basically tops where the MDX starts). The TLX also has nicer steering and even a smoother ride.


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  1. Love the design of the interior, but I think it will not age well.

    I had the same view on the current Gen Infiniti Q70/QX60 and sadly both of them looked very old a couple years into the model year.

  2. My 2018 MDX lease is up in June, I will probably get another one. My gen infotainment system is really bad, anything would be a step up. 2022 looks really good, but I'm not a fan of the top trim – personally – too much chrome and I'm not a fan of the wheels. A Spec looks better to me, not missing much except (Canada Specs here) heads up display & surround camera (don't care) and 16 way seats which I would like but will live without and save some real dough. MDX is the perfect size for road trips with a family of four.

    Honda seems way behind on hybrid tech, there should be at least a hybrid assist on this car by now. Leasing again because I think this car will be a dinosaur in 3 years.

  3. Nice review and comments, I have this same color combination in an Advanced model arriving at my local dealer this week and looking forward to picking it up. I like Kits wasn't a fan of the wheels and purchased a set of the Technology wheels for it. I shopped cars for many months and the final comparison was between the GV80 and the 22 MDX. I chose the MDX over a new model Genesis due to reliability and overall package. Sure the Gv80 is a really good-looking vehicle and the V6 turbo a little quicker but hard to be Acura and their 20 yrs of refining the MDX into the new 2022.

  4. middle console is a MESS. It's horrible. The screen looks outdated and the driver screen odometer. Seriously? no way…

  5. That's Grand Trail Hawk money.
    I'll forgo the third row for durability.
    I sometimes think these are made for disposal when the lease is up.
    just me I guess.

  6. Did someone put Grand Trail Hawk and durability in the same sentence? And I thought I had heard it all.

  7. nice review and nice pics.
    – You know, i think prefer the ''smaller'' acura RDX. I see the 2021 RDX went to a turbo 4cyl and ten speed auto. I trust honda/acura products for their reliability and durability, but the previous RDX had the very good V6 and i think a six speed auto transmission.
    -it was more bland to look at, but not horrible.
    – anyways, good review roadtest on this MDX.

  8. Picked up a 2022 MDX A Spec last week. The drive is a significant upgrade over my 2018 MDX. The transmission is 1000 times better. It is now an updated and current design inside and out. I don't love the piano black interior trim, they could have done better and the track pad is very annoying at first, a definite learning curve and I'm still not sure about a few things, but expect it will become second nature. ELS sound is fanstastic. More cargo room. Overall, pretty happy, but i still think they should have added a mild hybrid. Big sunroof is also much appreciated. You do feel the road more than you would in a Lexus RX, but i prefer more of a driver oriented car. I will say the tires are not the quietest. Chose the A Spec because i think it looks better without any chrome, and also prefer the interior look which is quite different from all other trims. Found the price to be not much more than a loaded Telluride or Pilot etc., and significantly less than an XC90 or Q7. For me, this was the sweet spot.

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