2022 Acura RDX: a few (mostly) useless changes changes…

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The Acura RDX will get a few changes for the 2022 model year. (We have seen camouflaged versions of this a few weeks ago)

It seems these changes will be few. Basically redesigning the front end just a little bit to make it look a bit more like the new MDX. Although it looks very close to the current model. 

I don’t expect big changes inside either. Especially not the strange infotainment. Since Acura is probably not ready to admit this is a big mistake yet. So probably no touch screen for a while. The only changes could be colors and trim. Like making sure the wood trim looks like the one in the TLX/MDX. etc…

And wireless CarPlay. 

(Thanks to a reader for this)

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  1. Touch screens are nothing more than grease accumulation pads. Acura (and Mazda) are making the right choice.

  2. One of those "useless" changes should prevent heavy moisture in the intercooler causing sensors to put the RDX in limp mode.
    many discussions on CARCOMPLAINTS.com

  3. Limp mode is a big issue. Can’t wait until I get rear ended due to the RDX failing to accelerate as I merge onto the freeway. Let the lawsuits begin.

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