2022 Audi Q4 E-Tron: official teaser pix…

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Some manufacturers (mostly Germans) seem to think it’s a good idea to preview their production models by showing us the actual car covered up in weird camouflage. Sometimes just days before the official unveiling.
This is what we have today. The all-new Audi E-Tron. Covered in some “wannabe cool” graphics. While they actually show us the whole interior…
I do like the “regular” larger E-Tron that has been out for a while. It does look quite nice in the flesh.
At a starting price of $66 000, it is quite expensive. But not that insane, especially after incentives.
This new, smaller Q4 E-Tron is supposed to be the size of an Audi Q3. While having the interior space of the big Q7. The Q7 is a big 3 row SUV, that seems a bit of a stretch…
While the exterior could be just fine, except for the ridiculous giant fake grille, there is a lot going on inside.
It’s almost exhausting to look at. This is basically the total opposite of Tesla’s minimalist interiors from the Model 3 and Model Y. 
I personally prefer something in-between. I guess Audi figures there is room for an “anti-model Y” smaller SUV.
Not sure about the price, but being an Audi, it probably will start at over, or around $50 000. 
Which is not cheap, but could end up being the same price as a Model Y after incentives.
Until Tesla gets the incentives back that is…


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  1. The VW auto group has obviously decided that EVs need to look as close as possible to regular gas cars. No "look at me I'm an EV" styling for these guys

  2. Similar to Ioniq5 as well. Seems to be the go to model for mid range price.
    Smaller footprint, as the interior can be massive with no drivetrains in the way.

  3. Whoever said this car is lookalike ID6 must be blind. Look at the interior, one is VERY minimalistic and the other is not. Come on!

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