2022 Buick Envision Plus: and why not…

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This is what it looks like when you add a few inches and 2 seats to the new 2021 Buck Envision.
And of course, you call it the “Envision Plus” (top)
While it’s not terrible, it seems the new Envision loses all its good looks in the translation to a 3 row SUV. I don’t think it works at all. 
But people want SUVs. And even more SUVs. So there will be more and more of these Frankenstein creations. 
At least, this is, so far, for the Buick-hungry Chinese market only…


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  1. After driving my new Ioniq ev for the last year or so, I stopped caring about these fossil fuel POS anymore. It's just irrelevant to me. My car costs about $4 to charge fully for driving about 170 miles in average. No more maintenance service visits to the dealership, no more engine noise or air pollution. And my car has a lot of power (torque).

  2. This is does ruin the looks and is unnecessary, because they already have a three row…the Enclave.

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