2022 Chevrolet Silverado: early sketch…

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Chevrolet is getting a mid-cycle facelift ready for its popular Silverado pick-up.
The illustration on top is your usual super exaggerated sketch. But you can still see some differences with the current one of course.
The face is quite different. We’ll have to wait if the headlights will really be that skinny.
The front fenders seem to have lost that weird crease that starts under the rearview r mirror. Some older GM stuff the Chevy Cruze had also.
It looks like most of the body panels might actually be new for 2022. 
GM was criticized mostly for the interior that wasn’t as nice as the competition. Especially the Ram trucks. Which is code for “we want more screens and fake stitching everywhere!”.
So I guess the revised ones will have more screens and more stitching…
I drove a couple of these and thought they were fine. For what they are. A big pick-up truck.
No matter how expensive they get, that’s all they will ever be. Big pick-up trucks. And they basically still drive the same as they did 15 years ago…
Like they say, “You can sell a hot dog for 50 bucks it’ll still be a hot dog. Not filet mignon.”

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  1. The lights at the top are way too high to be headlights. I bet they are just DRLs/Turn Signals and the headlights are in those lower sections.

  2. Holy wheel arch gaps, Batman! You could land a plane there. These trucks have weird proportions combined with the huge gaps

  3. Holy infantile references to Batman, Batman…Good they took that juvenile drooping line off the front fender.

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