2022 Ford Maverick: giving people what they want…

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These new spy shots of the 2022 Ford Maverick show a much better-looking truck than any of the illustrations I’ve seen so far.
Which is really good news. 
There is really nothing new about the styling, and this might be exactly what most buyers actually want.
A compact pick-up that just looks like a small F-150.

It also seems quite large. 
The Maverick shares a lot of its platform with the Bronco Sport/Escape, but it already seems quite a bit larger. 
And, at least on these early pics, it doesn’t really seem much smaller than the current Ranger.
(Which is also supposed to be redesigned soon)
I guess the next Ranger will have to grow.
As a matter of fact, the Maverick seems so large I think Ford could have room for an even smaller model down the line.
Although with an estimated base price of $20 000 (Or even slightly under), there might not be much room pricewise…
Besides the early Ranger, the last time Ford had a true compact pick-up truck was with the Courier.
Which was actually an imported Mazda from 1972 to 1982.
The maverick seems huge next to these old compact trucks…
More pix of the new Ford Maverick HERE.

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  1. Maverick is going to be a great success for Ford. Just hope aftermarket support will be as good as it has been for Bronco Sport.

  2. Ford couldn't help but build a real truck. No Santa Cruz style urban trucks for Ford. It is hard to tell how big it really is. But I'd guess that the Ranger gets a bit bigger and becomes the truck for more non-work truck buyers.

  3. Looks really good so far. As popular as the F150 has been, a smaller version could be a really good thing for Ford.

  4. They'll never get that small again. Side impact door beams, roof crush integrity, Head rest for whiplash, air bags(wheel, dash, A pillar or curtain, maybe seats) all take room. They were good for the times, but they were small then without that stuff.

  5. I think we have the opposite perception reaction here. Unlike the Ionic 5 that looks much smaller than it really is, I think the Maverick looks a lot larger than it is based on the pictures. The rear 3/4 view angle shows how much smaller this really is.

  6. There was some spy pictures awhile ago with the Maverick and Ranger near each other, Ranger is bigger a lot more than you think.

  7. Give a regular or extended cab , more bed to haul things and a normally aspirated engine and I’m in.

  8. I'd love to see them add a 2-door version that would be closer to the original Courier concept, and closer in price to the EcoSport.

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