2022 Genesis GV60: new illustration…

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This new illustration is obviously very inspired by the latest spy shot I posted HERE.

And just like the spy shot, it starts looking a bit weird. While I admire originality, it seems that some of the upcoming Hyundai/Kia and Genesis designs might just end up being a case of “a bit much”.

That zig-zag chrome trim behind the ear door could end up looking too strange. And it looks like they’re not sure how to incorporate that huge Superman shield grille they have on their other models, onto an EV.

And why didn’t they include the cool turn signals on the side, behind the wheels. You know, the ones all other Genesis models have.

I am sure it will be a nice EV. But so far, the design seems to be all over the place. Like from a bunch of people running wild in the design department. Who knows…

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  1. I just, I just don't like any of this. I am a proponent of all of Genesis' current designs, but I am not finding anything attractive about this car. I really hope the official thing has SOME redeeming quality. I'm sure the interior will be nice, but I can already tell the Kia version is going to be better looking. The Hyundai is amazing looking.

  2. I like everything but the lower portion of the front. Not sure it's called a lower intake since the vehicle is electric.

  3. this model is taking the brand too downmarket. not a good idea to dilute their luxury perception imo.

  4. This is going to fell horribly, especially if they try to place it as a more expensive entry level model. I still don't believe it'll be called the GV60 because it goes against their naming convention and that name isn't the only "60" trademark.

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