2022 Genesis GV60: new spy shot…

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 I guess we are calling this the Genesis GV60 now?

This is the best shot we have seen so far of Genesis’s brand new EV. Which shares its platform with the new Hyundai Ioniq 5. It’s still hard to see what part is camouflaged,. Or not. Part of the rear lights might still be covered. Unless they really have these pointy ends.

Same thing with the weird zig-zag chrome line right behind the rear door. Which also seems to end in a pointy shape. Maybe that’s the main design theme for this car: pointy.

If that’s the case, the front end could be quite interesting (or ghastly…)

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  1. I'm worried this will cost just as much as the Cheapest Porsche you can get your hands on.

  2. I think this won't hold a candle to the Ioniq 5. The 5 is a very pure modern variation on Guigiardo. This GV60 might be a overly compromised production version of the Mint concept: a sporty coupe transmogified into a "mini-CUV" hatchback, the unusual "signature" angles without the same basic proportions.

  3. They need to call it the GV60e for it to make sense if we are going to have GV70e, GV80e, GV90e, and G80e. Without the “e” people will think it’s an ICE vehicle.

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