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The all-new 2022 Honda Civic does look a lot like an Accord in these real-life photos. (Which appear to be of the US version)
While I do like the Accord design, I am still wondering why Honda chose to make their most popular sedan look so much like their least popular one.
These look much better than the illustrations we have seen before. Or even the white cars I posted a while ago. I am sure the final thing will probably look just fine. This might not be enough to stand out in a crowd that includes the new Elantra and Sentra. 
I still think the hatchback version will be much more interesting, and at least, something most of the competition doesn’t offer (Except the Corolla)
I also think the Hybrid version should return. And the Insight should be canceled. A Civic hatchback hybrid would be very attractive to many…

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  1. Vince, why do you keep torturing us with this ugly car? You might as well be posting pics of bags of potatoes.

  2. The last pic almost seems a little TLX like. Not as bad as previous pics and illustrations. Showing a little promise.

  3. After this generation they will probably get merged into one vehicle so it makes sense for them to be similar just different size for now.

  4. We have a blue 2018 Accord EX-L 2.0T as my wife's daily driver. Its design looks better in darker colors. In white, it looks bad. I have a feeling the same will apply here. Just hope they actually give some decent color choices instead of multiple shades of silver or gray. Wish they'd bring back that metallic teal color from the early 90's. In college I had a 1992 Saturn SC-2 which was that color, and I loved it. Of course, the Saturn build quality was total crap, but it looked great— like a shark with wheels. It is amazing how color affects perception of design. Like yellow would look terrible on any sedan, but looks great on a Porsche 911 or mustang. We need more color back!

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