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I know, they’re not the only ones doing it. (just look at the new Mercedes C-Class…) But that is never a good excuse for doing something bad.
And designing your cars to all look the same is pretty bad.
I’ve had multiple comments on the 2022 Civic pix I posted on Instagram from people who already thought tit was the current Accord.
Which is pretty sad…
The top photo is the upcoming “all-new” 2022 Civic sedan. While the red car is the familiar  Accord.
I do like the current generation Accord a lot. And I think the design is fine.
But the softer smaller version looks pretty terrible so far. And talk about lazy design.
Since most German manufacturers are doing it, maybe they thought it was OK? That somehow people associate this practice with expensive cars?
Good luck…


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  1. So you personally complain all the time about fake everything on cars. Then here’s a new one with no fake vents and you hate it more. WTF? Currently we are in an SUV only world, where design is a dumpster fire. Yet every car isn’t designed strong enough? You are boring me with your shit here. I used to like seeing new stuff here first. But complaining about cars that are “over” designed, and then calling new versions boring after they cleaned up all your complaints…this website is getting boring. Shit just getting a new Civic is worth a lot more than going to a Ford dealer and asking for an ecoSport

  2. Actually, the civic used this treatment first. The 10th gen has the same c-pillar, so in effect, the Accord copied the civic.

  3. The more raked windshield and smaller greenhouse makes the Accord much more modern looking. The Civic is WAY too conservative.

  4. I take it Honda didn't learn from the last time they designed a boring uninspiring Civic, only be forced to turn a new model around (current gen) a year and a half later.

    This is mind numbingly generic and boring………note to Honda, don't follow the VW formula of blandness.

    I love cars over SUVs but sad, half-assed efforts like this is not going to convince anyone to pick a sedan over an SUV.

  5. Vince…love your site and keep up the good work! But I don't agree with you entirely on the Accord/Civic issue, simply because I do NOT like the Accord…it's awkward and ungainly, and sales are down compared with the previous version. The fact that they'd make it the role model for the new Civic makes it even more disturbing to me. Hyundai lost sales when they made the last-generation Sonata more conservative than its predecessor, and this new Civic will suffer the same fate when compared to the current, super-successful version. All they had to do is tone down the bulges a bit, given it better taillights, and they could have gone on laughing all the way to the bank!

  6. I must agree with the other comment Vince, your constant complaining about car design is getting ridiculous. I swear you won’t be happy until carmakers start using big chrome bumpers ant fake wood grain again.

  7. Ironically I love this site, specially Vince knowledge on vehicles.
    I totally agree on his point of view on the Civic/Accord, spot on brother.
    The one thing I dislike about the Accord is the rear, so poorly designed in comparison to the rest of the vehicle.
    And on the current Civic, the one thing that I disliked about it and the reason I didn't buy one (I was at the dealership to pull the plug) was that the passenger seat was way too low, and there's no leveler adjuster to bring it up. Me and the wife complained about it (bad backs).

    Vince, thanks for doing this site, I don't see you making money here. So the only thing I can see you doing it is for the love of vehicles.
    I love vehicles and I love this site.

    I give you lots of credit for letting people post negative reviews on your site.

    WHAT'S NEXT, taking this site down because we disagree? Come on man, cars is one thing we can talk about and disagree on numerous views. Not enough power, too small, weak suspension, too boring design, etc…

    Keep up the good work, specially your comments.

  8. Thanks for the kind words! (I agree about "money". I really wish I could make more from the site…)

    I just don't understand people who hate this site (or me personally for some reason) and continue to visit…
    Isn't life a bit too short to waste your time?

  9. Vince keep up the great work and just ignore the negative talkers.

    All of your stories and pictures are always appreciated unfortunately those that are negative probably have always been and will always be. I guess they didn't check and realize that it's your site to begin with and if they don't like it then have them go elsewhere.

    I check your site daily and love it.

  10. Vince, I can't imagine one day without your site. I for one appreciate everything you have and continue to do on a daily basis in relation to all things automotive.
    Seems people like to forget at the end of the day that this is YOUR site. It takes dedication and time to keep it running like you have all of these years. If others don't like your opinion, they don't have to come here. In the end, everyone has opinions, and people don't always agree, especially when it comes to car engineering and design. Everyone needs to respect the other members on the site though, and allow them to share their opinions, whether they agree or disagree, especially the administrator and creator of the site itself. Thanks again Vince.

  11. It’s Vince’s blog so he can say what ever he wants when it comes to his opinion on a vehicle. I’ve been visiting this blog for 17 years now, so that speaks for itself.

  12. Ok.

    FusioptimaSX, has it really been seventeen years now? That's SCARY. I've been lurking here about that long, too. I don't always agree with Vince, but I keep coming back. I check daily for updates. I'm not sure what I'll do when he decides to retire!

  13. Every time I look at an Accord, I feel like crap…And I don't know why.
    Camry and Corolla gaining sales…Accord and Civic down big.
    A less silly looking Civic is Honda's attempt at boosting sales.

  14. Vince keep up the good work, typos, bad grammar, and all. I could be wrong, but I think most of the visitors to your site come here for the pictures. So, no worries about a few bad apples getting a free ride and wanting more.

  15. I find it hilarious that everyone was complaining that the current-generation Civic sedan greenhouse and raked rear glass looked lifted directly from the failed Crosstour when it first came out, yet it continued to sell in record numbers. Now everyone is complaining that the new one is going to be too plain and boring. Let's see what the marketplace decides.

  16. Spot on, and exactly the way I feel too. I always value Vince's opinion whether I agree or not.There wouldn't be a site without him.

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