2022 Honda HR-V/Vezel: new useless pix…

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Just a couple of new pictures of something we have seen before: the new Honda HR-V for 2022.
On a sad note, the cheapo tablet screen looks very similar to what we have already seen of the 2022 Civic. (Let’s hope it’s not…)
Honda claims the US version of the new HR-V will be specific to us. Which probably just means “no hybrid or expensive options like a panoramic sunroof”. Since the HR-V is a low-end model over here. And that’ll probably be the main differences.

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  1. I have a real suspicion that this will be really close to the interior in the new Civic, and the design language moving forward, when the rest of the industry is beginning to shift and integrate Infotainment screens into the dash more.

  2. I recently read that US version will be larger and that a Honda spokesman said that spy photos you'll see will be mistaken for the CRV. I don't know what to take from that. I do liken the European version.

  3. This thing just keeps looking better and better to me. All the bodywork and detailing is cohesive. Not jumbled mess of intakes and fake vents. I've warmed up to the body-colored grille especially. And I don't care what people say, the tablet style infotainment screen is the way of the future and looks good. No more bulky built-in screens with hoods. The new Model S and Merc EQS integrate their screens but end up chopping off the valuable physical knobs and buttons. I hope the new Civic has a a similar interior to this.

    And once again, Honda's garbage quality press photos ruin a debut. The live pics in red and black look so much nicer/more premium than that dull white one they showcased.

    I'm betting if it had a different badge people would be fawning over this. But it's cool to hate on Honda these days unfortunately, and badge bias is too real.

  4. Again, for the people in the back, the new HRV is sharing platforms with the new Civic. So expect lots of comparability in size and sharing of internal components. I highly suspect this will be a raised Civic hatch with AWD options. So expect similar drivetrains too. It will be interesting how much effort they put into differentiation. I'm gonna say it's a20% effort.e…very little.

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