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This is the official pricing for the new 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 in Germany.
Which, at least over there, will come in Base, Plus, and Top versions.
The base model is available in Short or long-range, but no AWD.
It looks like Long Range adds about 3000 Euros. Same for AWD.
And the base model starts at 46 000 Euros.
As far as I could find, the Base short-range Tesla Model 3 starts at around 40 000 Euros in Germany.
Instead of $37 500 in the US.
While the long-range Model 3 is priced at 50 000 Euros. Which puts the base Inoq 5 right in between.
The equivalent in the US (in-between the base and long-range Model 3) would be $45 000.
But that is just following the logic of Hyundai pricing the ioniq5 the same in the US as Germany.
Which they might not do… (Let’s hope they don’t)
This would put the base Ioniq5 about $10 000 more than the new Bolt EUV. And even $5000 more than the new VW ID4. Which would be terrible for the Ioniq5.
Most people looking for an EV will get a Tesla for the same price. The only way anyone can compete is by being cheaper. 
That’s why I think the new Bolt does have a good chance, being so much cheaper.
But a Hyundai for $5000 more than a Tesla would have zero chance.
Even if they claim it competes with the Model Y and not model Model 3. (As it doesn’t look like an SUV at all)
What do you think?


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  1. The total number of EVs sold does not depend on the number of the EV demand on the market at all. Currently, it solely depends on the number EVs that each car company is able to manufacture. In other words, EV manufacturers simply cannot produce enough EVs to meet the demand. This is why Tesla and Volkswagen decided to let the unverified Chinese manufacturers produce their EVs. Those Americans who buys the Model Ys or the VW ID 4s are being used as Guinea pigs doing the Chinese a favor. Also, don't forget that Tesla still does not have enough engineering technology to make their own chassis (eg.the Model 3 is based on 30 years old Lotus Elise and the Model Y is based on the Mazda 3. This tells how new Tesla still is to the car manufacturering business.

  2. Other than having the lack of supercharges for non-Tesla models, price is another issue, unless you're OK with the Chinese-made Kandi. I think I'd rather walk.

    A barebones ID.4 with AWD cost $43,000 is still costly. You don't get the fancy sunroof or the nice blue color or better LED lighting. Acceleration might be better (up at 100 hp for the AWD) but not Tesla quick. My guess is that the Ioniq 5 and EV6 will need to take a loss in order to sell.

  3. pricing mistake. Why would anyone pick a Hyundai over a Tesla?
    saw the KIA version on your previous post and the Geneis version before… how much will they charge for the Genesis? same $$ as the Model S? crazy pricing strategy…
    should be KIA (on par with Bolt), Hyundai (slightly more) and Genesis (even slightly more but still cheaper than Tesla)

  4. I agree. This HAS to be priced under the Model 3 no matter what. Unless they see this going against the Y and not the 3.
    Their "cheap car" image is still a problem, no matter how good they get.
    I just mentioned the Ioniq5 to a few friends, and immediately got the "cheap car" reaction. Most people will get a Tesla for the same price.

  5. Is the IONIQ5 aiming at the Audi Q4 E-TRON.
    Very similar size and proportions.
    The IONIQ5 is CUV size, especially in height. It is just the side profile that makes it look lower, due to long wheelbase.

  6. The Ionic 5 is larger than it looks like on the pictures. The "hatchback shape" and the huge wheels are deceiving. Try finding pictures of it next to other cars.

    Model 3 is 1443 mm tall.
    Ionic 5 is 1605 mm tall.
    Model Y is 1626 mm tall.

    I suppose interior space it the Ionic 5 will be much larger than the Model 3.

  7. They did a test on its milage with the smaller power unit AWD, it did 5 fewer miles on a charge than the Hyundai electric Kona. Reporters blamed the 20-inch wheels. I only hope the larger unit for the US gets more mileage otherwise consider it a bomb.

  8. The price list you published actually does not show German prices, but Austrian prices.
    The base Ioniq 5 will cost 41.900€ in Germany, before government (6.000€) and dealer (3.570€) electric incentives.
    In Austria, incentives are even higher which is why Hyundai chose a higher base price.
    For 32.000€, it will sell like hotcakes.
    The most expensive version (AWD, 306 HP, hud, solar roof) selling for 50.000€, will be a little more difficult.

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