2022 Hyundai Tucson Plug-in Hybrid: official pix…

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I am still wondering about the new Hyundai Tucson. Since I have never seen one in person yet. 
In-person, it could look wonderfully different, and futuristic. Or  like a horrible mess.
Who knows.
The pictures above make it look quite disheveled. Unless it’s just from weird reflections?
The Plug-in Tucson produces around 261HP (They’re not exactly sure yet for some reason)
Which is quite a bit for a compact crossover.
It has an “estimated” electric range of 32 miles. After that, you’ll average 30MPG.
That compares with the RAV-4’s 302HP and 42 miles EV range. On top of that, the Toyota averages 36MPG on gas.
These numbers pretty much kill the Hyundai. The Toyota starts at around $38 000. That Plug-in Tucson needs to be much cheaper if it wants to have a chance.
Of course, 261 HP is fine. It’s even more than people need. And a 32 miles range is OK.
(But 30MPG isn’t really great at all.)
But this puts Hyundai in a bad position. Where people will, again, only buy this because it’s cheaper than a Toyota.
By now they really should have done better…


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  1. The problem with the Toyota is its weight, at an additional 4-500 pounds. When pushing it around corners, it's going to have far more tire squeal and body roll than a regular Rav 4, but this is true of all hybrids. I think the winner between the two when reviews come out is whichever one is lighter on its feet. If the Hyundai feels as heavy as the Rav4, it'll lose with lower hp numbers. But if it is lighter and puts the power down better then it'll win.

  2. Trying way too hard with this one. Looks like a mutant Rav 4. The interior looks attractive, but after sitting in the new Elantra, I have a feeling the materials quality will leave alot to be desired.

  3. Epic fail. Good luck with that. Going from a pleasant but anonymous design to downright shocking. Sorrento sales will kick Tucson's butt (I sure hope so). I wonder why even bother having both versions? Hyundai should just do Genesis and Kia should be the regular brand. It's like the old GM days with 3 different versions of the same car. Who are they fooling? It would be interesting to see a sales comparo, same model, each car/suv, hyundai vs. Kia. Seems like a waste of time to me.

  4. Didn't like the exterior at first but it's growing on me. Hope it looks better in person. At least they didn't slap the ugly Sonata catfish-looking front end on it.

  5. That thing is a mess. How does KIA, the cheapest image, worse resale and dealership experience keep getting the better looking cars in the family? First the Telluride, now the Sportage and soon to be the EV6.

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