2022 Jeep Grand Wagonner: in the flesh…

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I have to say, this looks pretty horrible. 
These live photos of the new 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer make it look like a Hearse. Which not really what people want for over $100 000 (Or is it???)
That rear window treatment is really, really bad. With the clear part of the window being so small (WTH?)
And that thick, cheap-looking chrome trim everywhere. This just looks like some cheap Chinese knock-off a Russian car.
I really don’t think this would actually do well against the Escalade…


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  1. Google some images of the Navigator rear window and the Escalade rear window – the opening for both is the same size or SMALLER than this. This is a standard thing, and also mostly irrelevant when vehicles this size have rear view cameras in place of the standard rear view mirror.

  2. I think the air suspension might be lowered, which even makes the Range Rovers look stupid.

    That being said I still think they made a huge mistake with the proportions of this thing (it's a total frump!). I wish they had sized it down to about the Land Cruiser and brought out the larger, extended one later.

    Not everyone looking to spend $80-100K on an SUV is measuring interior dimensions between the Expedition and the Escalade. I think there is a market for a smaller, yet still full-size, SUV.

  3. This is preproduction unit, you can tell by the slightly maligned hatch and trim.

    Appears this is also with the suspension fully down, agreed the angles leave something to be desired but from what ive seen elsewhere this will look very nice in the flesh

  4. As someone who is not a fan of chrome trim period, this is dreadfully bad. At least it makes the less costly competition look better though. Jeep was obviously trying way too hard with this one.

  5. I sat inside of the Grand Wagonner at a focus group event a couple of months ago. Was stunned by the interior. Super high end.

    Also had possible electric vehicles for Chrylser/Dodge and Jeep. If they make it to production those were all winning designs as well.

    I would have never considered a Stellaris American division product before but these could be game changers.

  6. The interior was the only thing they nailed. That outside is horrendous.
    The a pillar is too raked and trounded he b pillar is too straight upright.
    The rear door greenhouse is also horrible. Too much chrome and too upright.
    The rear end looks like they tried to copy the defender and the rear window has too much chrome
    Jeep got a cheap undone looking exterior added chrome everywhere. I’d take the grand Cherokee in a heart beat.

  7. This appears unfinished. Still needs to have chrome added to wheel openings, tailpipe, rear wiper, exterior mirrors, etc. to finish the look. Maybe add a simulated convertible vinyl top to really class this up.

  8. So top-heavy. Bad proportions. Heavy greenhouse. Wish they had used a little of the original Grand Wagoneer for inspiration.

  9. It’s a Jeep!! It’s part of its character to have misaligned body panels. My 2017 grand Cherokee had all its exterior panels misaligned!!

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