2022 Kia EV6: official teaser photos…

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This is looking pretty good so far. And also, better than most rendering I have seen.
The all-new Kia EV6 will share its platform with the Hyundai Ioniq5. 
So specs should be very similar to the Hyundai Model.
is the Kia supposed to be sportier? more luxurious? 
Who knows… It seems they are not even trying to differentiate both brands anymore as far as personality goes.
Why not, if it works…
 One more interesting EV that isn’t a $100 000 rich guy toy is always good news.
(Thanks to a reader for the tip and pix!)


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  1. Once VW perfects Electrify America by updating it from software glitches, I will have more confident buying an electric car.

    I do like what the Koreans are bringing to the market and the so-called poor man's Tesla model II (or whatever they call it) should be an excellent contender.

    Next month Hyundai will probably allow journalists to test drive the IONIQ 5, while we finally see what the EV6 is all about.

    The Koreans seriously need to update their US showrooms as some of them look like the toilet of a porn theatre, not that I've ever been in one, lol.

  2. At least the rear is interesting. That means it was probably designed before the untalented BMW designer arrived.

  3. @ Fart: Isn't it sad that the US is depending on disgraced car company VW for our EV charging infrastructure? If VW didn't have diesel gate, where would we even be as a nation right now??

  4. As I said before *self pat*, this won't hold a candle to its Hyundai stablemate.

    The apotheosis of Guigiardo design or inoffensive but undistinguished "aero" design. The choice is yours.

  5. Not sure why both makes are going with the sequential alphanumeric names in a similar format.. for example, what makes Kia's a 6 but Hyundai's is only a 5?

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