2022 Kia K8: in the flesh…

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I think the new Kia K8 looks fine in real-life photos.

I even start getting used to the huge face. For some weird reason… Inside, I am still not a fan of that quilted pattern everywhere that some people view as “luxurious”. Otherwise, it does look the part for a large luxurious sedan.

I do like the dashboard. But that wood trim covering almost the whole thing is just too much. I just wonder how plasticky that whole thing looks in real life…

As we know, this will not come to the US. Where Kia still has difficulties selling expensive cars. Except when they are large SUVs like the Telluride. Their cheap car image is really hard to overcome for many…


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  1. If the wood trim is the same as the Telluride, it isn't plasticky-looking at all. Open-pore wood is nice because it's matte and non-reflective. Looks elegant and warm in person.

  2. Though it's all largely copycat design, Kia has done a good job with the visual design of their vehicle interiors. The problem with Kia interiors has more to do with the material quality. Everything is several notches below what you would find within the interiors of real premium vehicles.

  3. I love open-pore wood trim as well. My favorite one is the Mercedes E-class. It's real and looks fantastic and expensive. The one in the new TLX is also very nice.
    But the one in the K8 is molded into the dash shape, and there is way too much of it. Making it look really fake. Just by its shape. (At least on the pix)

  4. I'll say 600x's the dealership experience sucks with KIA and Toyota. At least here in New York. The showrooms look like a porn video was just filmed, serious they need to be modern, clean, and approachable.

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