2022 Kia K8 interior: new pics….

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This actually looks really nice!
I mean, sure, there is a lot of wood in there (a lot!) And I can’t picture it to be the real thing. So, some wood “trim” thingy. With a weird pattern on top. For some reason…
if you’re gonna get screens, they might as well all be integrated into a single shape like this. Or the current Mercedes stuff (Not the new S and C class “screens everywhere” idea)
I mean, this makes the Telluride interior look old already.
But, as we know, this isn’t coming here. Which is too bad. Imagine picking up something like this for around $20 000 or less (Which is what 2018/17 Cadenzas are going for) in a few years.
But no. Since millions of lemmings only want SUVs these days, that’s all we’re getting.
Thanks to a reader for the pix!


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  1. Hyundai and Kia badly need a new UI designer, cluster and infotainment look like designed by a fifth grader. BTW, even if the wood trim ain't genuine, I'd rather have it than fingerprints and scratches magnet gloss black finish.

  2. Guessing this might appeal to the yacht owners out there. I personally hate wood in any car interior, much less that much. I much prefer aluminum trim, or even carbon fiber on performance minded vehicles.

  3. Another great job by Kia designers. This looks very modern and more expensive than the car costs. Great job

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