2022 Kia Sportage: new illustrations…

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Again, these are showing an OK design (no better than the current version) with a really weird, overdesigned front end.
I hope they are wrong on both fronts. Since the Sportage has always looked really good so far. And almost European in design.
This would just be another case of “too much”.
Let’s hope they are way off…

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  1. You posted these exact shots on 12/14/2020. Remember how you keep snarking at people to read your site? Well, I guess you should also read your site…

  2. I am a very important and busy man. I have other things to do than reading automotive publications like this one.

  3. I hope it has the same interior as the Tucson. Thats about the only thing that will make this more acceptable

  4. I really hope that front end design translates much better in person. Otherwise, better than the Tuscon with it's overwrought body edging and design elements.

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