2022 Mercedes EQS: more interior pix…

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These new photos give us a really good idea of what the new Mercedes EQS interior will look like.
And strangely enough, it looks like 2 different dashboard designs will be available.
Strange since it is supposed to be a very expensive car. Where you would think only the best is available. But it seems that a full dash screen might actually be an option. Or maybe even only available on top versions.
Does that mean the lower-end versions won’t be that expensive? Or this is simply just another cost-cutting measure. And they’ll be charging a fortune for the dash/screen option?
Either way, I think both interiors look a lot better than the new S-Class.
More very soon.


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  1. I don't see the point of a screen in front of the passenger. It's not like a passenger is going to be leaning way forward to operate the screen. And by designing the dash to accommodate that screen, Mercedes ends up with oddly large wood trim on the other trims.

  2. This interior is polluted by unnecessary screens. MB clearly does not understand what it takes to be truly futuristic. For one, its door handles are still an old school lever style which you physically pull to open the door when even the much cheaper Kia EVs have electronic door "buttons" which you press to open the door automatically.

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