2022 Mercedes EQS: new photos…

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There is still a bit of camouflage, covering both front ends. And a few bits on the rear window. (Which will probably end up being black like the roof. At least it should…)
Otherwise, this is the best look we have seen of Mercedes’s all-new EV.
As mentioned before, it basically looks nothing like the concept from 2 years ago.
But still could be quite interesting.
The interior is really futuristic. And the exterior could end up striking a nice balance of pleasant yet modern. The whole thing does look really clean.
While the shape/cut of the front hood is pretty striking. 
As far as price, this could end up really expensive, since usually, Mercedes doesn’t care. So I bet this will start at around $100 000. And won’t really be a “Tesla model S fighter”. (The super expensive Plaid will probably sell in very limited numbers) Unless, like Porsche, they release cheaper versions later.
No official specs yet, but there is a rumor of a 435 miles range in the European test cycle. Which could still mean 400 miles in the US, or close.
We will see the whole thing very soon…


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  1. MB's current design trend far exceeds what BMW is doing to their cars.
    Honestly, Jaguar's new CEO's latest efforts might be to bring all their models back to their glory days. In other words, get rid of the generic-bloated look and bring back the sexy curviness of its earlier models. BMW and MB need to do the same.

  2. Fart, funny you mention Jaguar.. this is almost exactly what I would have expected the electric XJ to look like had said CEO not axed it at the last minute. The whole thing looks bloated and simplistic to me.. and why does the obscenely large hood cutline look just like the one on the new Kia EV6? At least the EV6 has some actual styling details, where the M-B's cutline is probably its only one.

  3. Yes. But the Tesla Model S has been rated at over 400 miles for a while.
    The upcoming Lucid Air will also get over 400 miles.

    It's what is expected now…

  4. This car is a joke. congratulations to Mercedes for designing the roofline of an old Honda Civic. Who the hell would want to buy an electric vehicle from a German manufacturer? German cars have some of the worst electronics in the entire car industry.

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