2022 Mercedes EQS: new pix…

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This is looking fine. Although quite a disappointment when compared to the original concept.
A large luxury hatchback sedan looks to be perfect to compete with the Tesla Model S.
Let’s hope the range is also competitive. Since both the Model S and Lucid Air offer over 400 miles for about $80 000, Mercedes needs to step up its game. If this is another 300 miles $100 000 rich guy toy it will fail. We don’t need more of these…
I guess Porsche does get away with it because… Porsche. Still a fantastic sports car.
But even they are now offering an $80 000 base price.
The EQS, being a Mercedes, will be very expensive…

That night driving shot (top) looks like a nightmare to me. I mean, how much distraction do you need at tight? On top of concentrating on your driving. Ridiculous “ambient lighting” and now screens everywhere! To watch a video of more bad weather??? Is it supposed to make you feel like things aren’t that bad? “Look! It could be worse!”

And you basically cannot really turn the whole thing off since it probably controls every feature of the car… 

It looks like the Mercedes interior design nerds got their inspiration from Blade Runner. Which is actually cool. Although not everything you see in the 1980’s science fiction moves is actually great to see in real life. ( I could name a few besides “replicants”)

On another note, that Blade Runner car glass roof looks very Tesla now…


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  1. Mercedes interior looks nothing like Blade Runner. Not even a close comparison other than there are "screens" in both pics

  2. You could most definitely turn off the screen in front of the passenger and the center screen. MB isn't that dumb that they would always be on at night. Last I checked, other automakers have started doing this–having screens in the center and for the passenger–too (like Porsche). Calm yourself.

  3. it used to be that cars were bought because people loved the design or the way a car drove or had creature convenient features, but now its all about screens and more dumb screens

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