2022 Mercedes EQS: a teaser…

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That new teaser is actually showing less than the spy shot I published recently…
Now you “kinda” see the lights. I guess…
I really wish the new EQS well. I mean, sometimes “obnoxious billionaire bro” Elon Musk really needs some bruising from the competition. (especially after that weirdo Model S interior redesign)
But somehow, the EQS (Or what we’ve seen of it) doesn’t look really that modern. Or as futuristic as I hoped it would be. There is a weird late 90’s early 2000’s feel to it. 
Is it just me? Should I not start drinking that early??? (it’s already cocktail hour anyway)


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  1. yeah, from what we've seen it comes off too much as a Big Prius. Nothing sexy or sophisticated. The cab-forward proportion and feature-free body are boring.

  2. ROLFMAO this car is a joke. It looks 20 years old already and the whole idea of German EVs sounds so bad to begin with. Their electronics are some of the worse in the car industry

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