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These new photos of the 2022 Nissan see prove what we already knew: that the “Proto” we saw last year was a fake concept and just the actual production car. painted yellow…

Which is the same thing Acura/Honda has been doing for years and it’s ridiculous. (And it must stop!!!)
 Just wait until we compare the 2022 Civic to last year’s “concept”.

Otherwise, there’s really nothing we haven’t seen here. It is basically the same car as the current 370Z. With new body panels. Even the proportions are exactly the same. And sone of the glass.

I am glad to see a “New Z” I just wished it was really new. I cannot imagine this being that much more popular than the current one. Once the “new model” feel is gone. I really was hoping the new Z would be an affordable sporty EV.

maybe next time…

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  1. Doesn't really matter if it's all new or not. It still looks damn good and it already deserves the win against the Supra for making the 6spd manual available. Can't wait to see the inevitable comparison reviews.

  2. As an EV it would be too expensive and/or people would complain about small range. I don't think Nissan can afford that given even Toyota worked with BMW on the Supra. Maybe under the Infiniti brand in the future.

    It's pretty rare to see a new coupe so fortunately they didn't discontinue this. Although close to the concept, the back looks bit nicer now I think with the extra spoiler.

  3. I think this looks great, I understand it's not all new but you have to keep in mind that coupes are low volume and the engineering investment for an all new model likely would not justify the benefit.

    I do however wish the front intake was nut just a huge square gaping hole, rather more done with it.

  4. I agree about the odd square front grill on an otherwise really nice design, modern yet retro in all the right ways. I think enough people might have a soft spot for old 240Z's and this would give them the chance to get their yaya's out, maybe as a 2nd car for reasonable cash.

  5. If this is the best they can do, might as well have the going out of business sale now. This design is hideous.

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