2022 Peugeot 308: another weirdo on the way…

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I realize the Peugeot 308 is mostly unknown in the US (Except for a few car nerds). So I posted a photo of the current model. (The blue one)
I have seen many of these while traveling in Europe. As they seem pretty popular rover there. The 308’s job is to go against the ever-popular VW Golf. As well as the Opel Astra, Ford Focus and many others. 
Especially the Renault Megane in its home market.
I always thought they were quite boring looking. I never drove one, but I’m sure they’re fine.
They’re just nothing special.
Something designers wanted to fix with the next generation (green car)
And of course, as usual, they went overboard. 
The new one just looks overdone and vulgar. Just look at this mess…
“Give it more personality” shouldn’t mean “Let’s go nuts and add tons of crap”.
Just look at the front fenders. I mean, how tacky is this? Is this supposed to look sporty? So many lines, surfacing crap. And of course, a crowd favorite: the fake vents.
I personally think most current Peugeot designs are just tacky and overdone. The head design guy, Gilles Vidal, just went to Renault. So he’ll probably ruin that as well soon.
I know the Golf has been getting “boring” over the years. But at least, its designs do age well and stay pretty classy and even upscale for a compact car.
I know, I’ve criticized the Golf designs for being so repetitive. 
But look at this next to the green Peugeot mess above!
It still has a family resemblance to the amazing Giugiaro design of the first generation. 
And it manages to be simple and very modern at the same time.
This will still look good in 5 or 10 years.


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  1. – Yes, that's what I do. Always. I always pre-judge before I see the whole car. (What I can see so far is horrible)

    – What's with the obsession with Hyundai?Kia??? Like anyone else, I like some of them, but not all of them. Please read the site before assuming weird stuff. Unless this a racist/anti-Korean thing?

  2. Do explain how someone accurately pointing out that you’re a Kia/Hyundai fanboy (it’s all over this site) has any ties in anyway to someone being racist….against you somehow??

  3. I have been labeled everything. Today it is "Kia Hyundai fanboy". Before It was "Tesla Fanboy", "Honda Fanboy", "Lexus fanboy" in the past. But also "Tesla hater" and Honda hater". At the same time.

    In the past 20 posts, I think 7 were about Kia/Hyundai"Genesis. That covers 3 brands. These 3 brands just happen to have tons of new models coming out. And I do not say good things about all of them (read more of the site)
    I cover everything that I think is interesting, no matter where it comes from or who comes up with it.
    The nerd who constantly calls me out every time I post Korean stuff seems only pissed of about me covering Korena cars.
    That's why I mentioned racism. (You should see the amount of crazy/racist/insulting messages I delete)
    There seems to be a similar problem when (God forbid) I cover too many Chinese cars. That seems to open a giant anti-Chinese comment floodgate.

    Writing this site every day has taught me one thing: there are plenty of loony, mean-spirited (and yes, racists) nerds out there. And, somehow, they are all called "anonymous"…

  4. yup, it's the real deal, and yes, that "line" over the front fender is no line at all, just a reflection. there are plenty other shots of that same car around the web. Curious to see the final product, could look good. I think this specific spy shot doesn't do it any favors. Also, the related news that peugeot will not make it to NA after all… this could easily become a Dodge Caliber or a Chrysler CUV, by adding some black cladding and jacking it up 1 inch (like a 1st generation GLA). of course with a Chrysler grille etc.

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