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There seems to always be a problem with boring designs. When criticized too much, car makers just go nuts for the next generation.
It looks like that’s what happened to the poor Peugeot 308. The previous (current) model was a pretty invisible design. And now we have this extremely overdone design for the new one.
The basic shape looks very similar to the previous one. But the detailing on top of that shape is borderline psychedelic.
So many things everywhere, unnecessary lines, creases, surfacing, etc…
And that “big car grille on a small hatchback” look never, ever looks right.
If you thought the exterior was less than tasteful, just take an early pic at the interior!
I guess they wanted to emulate the new Audi look. With tons of shapes, sharp angles, and multiple levels. But this is just too much! Maybe I have seen too many overly simple Tesla Model 3 interiors by now, but my tolerance for the overworked/borderline vulgar interior designs is shrinking. Day by day…
I just cannot imagine driving something like this for a long time. Again, this proves VW has the right recipe with the Golf. Sure, it doesn’t change enough from generation to generation. And by now, it should really look much more modern.
But at least it stays pretty classy no matter what. Which keeps its upscale personality alive.
Especially from a brand like Peugeot, which has so many great designs in its long history… 


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  1. I honestly do not understand your criticism on many car designs. Minus the LED strip running down the headlight, this is a great design for a hatch.

  2. This actually looks really good IMO. And that interior is nothing more than an evolution of what Peugeot has been doing with all of their models if you actually look at it. Zero to do with Audi, etc.

  3. Vince, just accept that Peugeots aren't designed to appeal to your vanilla, middle-of-the-road American tastes and move on.

  4. The current 308 sold around 90 000 units all over Europe last year.
    While VW sold over 312 000 units of the Golf. So I guess this isn't just a US Vs Europe thing. Even Europeans don't like it that much…

    True, the previous 308 was even more boring than the Golf. But I really don't think this overdone mess will improve sales.
    I do like modern, futuristic designs. (just read the site) This isn't it.

  5. Vince you really shouldn't comment on vehicle design. You're all over the map…it's over styled, there are too many vents and creases or it's too boring. Please just show the pics and a brief description minus the commentary.

  6. Shocking that an old model on its last legs sold less than a brand new vehicle from a larger automaker! My jaw is on the floor lol.

  7. So now sales is an indicator of good design? How does that work out? Also we are discussing this new 308 not a previous model. VW is HUGE in Europe, as big as Toyota is in many other markets.

  8. That dashboard intimidates my forehead. It looks 1970's deadly to me (no matter how many airbags they insist might work). I can deal with psychedelic, but not serious brain injuries.

  9. I tend o find that recent Peugeots do look a lot better in flesh than on pictures, so I think this will end up just fine.

  10. Golf sells on decades of reputation rather than on design without a doubt (super safe = boring). Kind of like Camry although Toyota tried a bit more with last redesign. Also VW & Toyota are the 2 largest carmakers in the world so no surprise.

    I don't see a big design issue here. Interior looks good and fortunately no stuck on screens. If you want super modern you could look at the VW ID4 model. Which is pretty weird for my taste and in theory that could one day take over sales from the Golf.

  11. Vince, please stay on comments on American cars. If you realy want to discuss European cars please come to Europe and leave here for a while. The problem with French cars is an engine and durability not design.

  12. I for one appreciate Vince's opinions. I'm not here just for straight automotive news. And I couldn't agree more on this one. French cars used to be so beautiful and bold. Peugeot was always more conservative than Citroen but always at the least handsome.

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