2022 Subaru WRX: so sad…

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I know it is futile to keep hoping for a really cool Subaru design these days. But somehow, I am still shocked when I see things like this. (And I will settle for “decent”.)

I know the WRX is a great driving car and has tons of hard-core followers. But why does it have to look like a little old man sedan? Over and over.

Look at this thing. Not even out yet and already looking old. This has to be from a company that has totally given up on design. Which is really sad.

Where is the pride of building something that looks good? And I repeat, this is not even put yet!

An outrage, that’s what it is…

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  1. They are a tiny company in relation to others. If they get it wrong they would be finished. They are afraid of getting it wrong.

  2. They really should offer the Levorg here as a WRX Cross or Outback Sport or something. It makes zero sense that they have nothing between the under-powered Crosstrek and too-big (for me) Outback. I'd prefer it without all the body cladding but might buy one even with it if it had the turbo and a stick.

  3. Subaru is taking over for Honda in the conservative styling department. Back int he day Hondas andAcuras used to be very conservatively styled – even the sport models. That left plenty of room for owners to accessorize their cars and add style.

  4. Horrible, but at least they didn't tease us with a sleek and modern looking concept like they did last generation. I have been done with Subaru for years now. They are relying on their reputation alone to sell cars these days, which is arguably respectable. Just think how many more cars/crossovers Subaru would sell if they had design engineers willing to make a stylish vehicle.

  5. Disagree. One of the best parts about the WRX/STI is how beautifully anonymous it is. You just won’t see me coming…

    Yes. True. That is because, who is driving this car, no one cares.

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