2022 VW Amarok: 2nd generation coming up…

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This is an official sketch of the 2022 VW Amarok pick-up. And, at least on the exaggerated illustration, it looks pretty good.  With a nice blend of trucky and modern.
As it was mentioned earlier, the next-generation Amarok will share its platform with the upcoming, redesigned Ford Ranger.
The current generation has never been sold in the US, but the next one could very well be. (If VW is capable of a smart move that is…) It would compete with the ranger, of course. But also against the Colorado/Canyon. And especially the redesigned Nissan Frontier.
And it could be the final nail in the Ridgeline coffin (that and the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz…)

Here is the current version of the VW Amarok. The one we never got. Still looking OK for something that came out 11 years ago…


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  1. VW has been making billions of illegal profits by selling illegal diesel cars for the last 20 years. And when they got cought, they almost silently got away with their crime by using their legal team of thousands of lawyers. Wake up people and know who our real enemy is!

  2. They should build their own pickup and base it on the popular Atlas platform. I saw a concept a couple years ago and it looked fantastic.

  3. Except the Atlas is a pile of crap with nothing but problems and bad reliability reports. Using the Ranger platform is probably a good thing here.

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