MG X-Tender pick-up truck: the final insult…

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That’s right. This is an MG pickup truck.
MG is (was ) a legendary British car brand mostly known for its compact sports cars. The famous MGB was built from 1962 to 1995. 
Seeing the truck above with an MG bad is actually really weird. Sure, lots of sports car makers (soon, all of them) are building SUVs these days. many, like the ones from Porsche, look really good.
But this has nothing to do with MG.
I know MG has been a Chinese brand since 2006. And basically now just a name. 
Still, I am not sure what is the point of purchasing a famous brand to turn it into something 100% different. Why not save the money and come up with your own brand of bland sedans, SUVs, and weird pickup trucks?


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  1. There's a minor, but distinct factual inaccuracy here, Vince. The MGB was built from 1962-1981 and revived by the cash-strapped Rover Group over a decade later as the heavily revised, hilariously overpriced MG RV8 in order to serve as limited edition amuse bouche for the launch of the MGF in 1995. It was a curiosity that sold particularly well in Japan, where almost three quarters of the 1,983 cars produced ended up. Fewer than 5% of the car's components were actually interchangeable with the B.

    As for MG no longer exclusively building sports cars – why would they? It's a market that's been in terminal decline for decades. They're going to build what people want, which in the case of UK buyers seems to be moderately attractive hybrid and electric SUVs at extremely reasonable prices.

  2. I have only ever called one car design "stupid." The Lexus grille earned that. But we've found another stupid looking design.

  3. What happened is the people in those ads figured out that their tiny sports cars couldn’t carry their hang gliders or tow their power boats so they moved on to pickup trucks.

  4. To designer_dick: thanks a lot for the clarification about the MGB history! I appreciate it.

    As to the people on the ads. Life can be a sea of disappointments and heartaches sometimes… I wonder if they did wait 50 years for their MG truck. (MG should actually use the same people, now old, for their truck ads!)

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