New Mini spy shots: is it the Rocketman?

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With the revised 2022 Mini just released, it would be hard to believe an all-new generation would be so close. The prototypes above seem ready to go. 
Although the spy shots look a lot like the regular Mini (there aren’t many ways to design a car that still looks like a Mini…) this is actually (Possibly. Probably…)  the smaller new model called Rocketman. 
The difference is much more obvious on the profile shots.

Originally shown in 2011, the Rocketman was supposed to complete the Mini lineup with a smaller car. Probably closer to the original idea of the true Mini.
But it was quickly dismissed by BMW who said the car would not be produced.
And guess what. 10 years later, there are caught testing a “smaller than Mini” that looks a lot less interesting than the concept.
From what we see above, the Rocketman might just look like a smaller Electric Mini. 
Which is OK. 
Not sure if this will make it to the US or not. Apparently, it will be an EV only. Competing in Europe with the new Electric Fiat 500 and Honda e.


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  1. This is just the regular MINI, Vince. We've known for a long time that it was going to be physically smaller than the current car, as a happy side effect of it no longer using the downsized version of the UKL platform initially designed for BMW's compact SUVs.

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