Peugeot designs: how about some good looking ones…

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While most current Peugeot designs are overworked and quite messy, this wasn’t always the case.
Here are some of their really cool designs over the years. (At least the ones I really like)
Even their version of the “boring midsize sedan” had a nice personality. (the 504 at the bottom)
Of course, I realize these are mostly from Pininfarina. Who designed many Peugeot models over the years. And there’s nothing wrong with some outside help. Giugiaro also designed cars for VW, Isuzu, and Subaru. Look at them now… They really need outside help more than ever.
Same with Peugeot. 

My favorite Peugeot model is the one driven by Lieutenant Frank Columbo. (Since I am a bit of a Columbo nerd…)

I’ve actually been chasing that car around and I know here it is.

The bottom pic is what a 1959 403 Cabriolet is supposed to look like when you properly take care of it…And again, Pininfarina.

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  1. Lieutenant Frank Columbo ! ….still one of my favorite tv shows.
    – ''Pardon me, just one more thing…''
    – Growing up, i used to watch Columbo on my family's tv set., my father sometimes used to call me ''Columbo''. These days i just pvr the tv series. I really enjoy the original series from the 1968 ( year i was born) thru the 1970s. The 1980s tv series i like, but nowhere near as much as the originals. I was always hoping LT. Columbo would travel back to his native NYC and do a few tv shows there instead of LA.
    – One thing i never really understood was the huge amount of English/British starring characters on many of the shows. I guess the producers figured they sounded and looked classier/wealthier/more intriguing then wealthy americans??
    – Vince, i just now found a cool Columbo tv series fan link you may enjoy…i have a hunch you are either a member or the blog host…lol….

  2. The 70's ones are by far the best. I have, of course, watched the ones from the '90s but they're never the same. Something very cheezy. Levinson and Link were not involved in these and it shows.
    Some of these old ones are just gems where everything seems perfect. I still watch them.

    And I do follow the Columbo File on Instagram (Didn't know they had a site)

    I saw one of the actual cars on the Universal lot about 10 years ago. In really bad shape. I tried to chase it down last year (before Covid) with a friend who was able to let me in the studio. They have it in a warehouse outside of the main lot but I was not allowed access. At least so far…

    On another note, I did meet Mr.Falk many years ago. Twice, briefly. And he was a very, very nice and friendly person.

  3. On another note, I did meet Mr.Falk many years ago. Twice, briefly. And he was a very, very nice and friendly person.
    – I can imagine he was an interesting person to meet and chit chat with.
    I saw an old Johnny Carson show with Peter Falk guest ( on Youtube) and Falk came out and was pretty cool to hear him talk. Have you seen the Kevin Pollack does Columbo impression?

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