2021 Cadillac Lyriq: new spy shot…

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The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq EC SUV is due out in a little less than a year.
The prototype seen in the top photos already seems close to the concept version we saw a while ago.
Although, I wouldn’t really mind if the rear light treatment would be a little different. Snd not so weird.
 Or if the side part of these lights could be clear. the read just looks odd.
Like a weird trim that doesn’t belong there…
This could be really interesting since GM has mentioned the price could start at under $60 000 before incentives. Which could end up being under $50 000.
I am actually really curious about this one.

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  1. If they were able to mostly duplicate the concept, which is really what it is looking like, then Cadillac is going to have a huge sales success in the Lyriq. Looking forward to this one.

  2. I like the overall shape from the spy shot better. The rear end isn't as long, which, to me, makes it look sportier.

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