2022 Ford Evos: more pix…

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Here are a couple of more photos of the new 2022 Ford Evos. At least, we now get to see what it looks like from the rear.
And any questions you might have had about the center console are now answered…

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  1. There are parts I really like on this. If I squint and ignore the details, it has a good stance. But the details are just overdone which makes it feel less like a Ford. I wish the thought could have been executed more cleanly.

    Also those buttons on the center console are so small and anonymous. Good luck finding the one you want to push. And that volume dial is tiny.

  2. Yes I recently heard on some car sites in Europe that the model: Ford Evos will never be imported into Europe or the United States of America so the Ugly Duckling Ford Evos 4×4 SUV will only be destined for the Asian market in China outside this country. Asian will not be imported anywhere !! So fans of the ford mondeo sedan can breathe a sigh of relief that for 1 year the Old Ford Mondeo Sedan and Ford Mondeo Wagon will remain in Production, possible to disappear from production next summer 2022, it is not known yet !! 🤔🤔😭😭

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